Our values

We are a values-based practice with people at the heart of our mission. Clear Kids team members use the following values to guide their actions and decisions:

We make connections

We are people-people, we take care of our team and our clients. This means:

  • We are friendly and fun
  • We surprise and delight our clients
  • We network and refer to excellent people
  • We practise empathy and listen closely

We achieve our goals

We believe big things happen when we work together to achieve small goals. This means:

  • We set achievable goals for our clients and ourselves
  • We work in partnership with others to find solutions
  • We use systems to keep us accountable
  • We celebrate our achievements

We respect everybody

Our therapists and clients work together in a respectful partnership. This means:

  • We follow through with our promises
  • We take responsibility for our actions
  • We are authentic and kind
  • We communicate in an honest, clear and timely manner

We respect the environment

We recognise that reducing carbon emissions and environmental damage is key to the future of our children. This means:

  • We utilise technology e.g. digital intake forms, telehealth
  • We minimise our use of consumables
  • We provide services to our local community
  • We minimise unnecessary travel